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Praxi4People 2.0


The system is organised into independent, integrated modules that can be used to manage the full range of human resources development processes: selection, employee records, job description, organisation structure, in-company communication, skills system, remuneration and merit policies, performance assessment, MBO, training needs analysis and climate surveys.

The system of filters and reports provides all the information required for the decision-making process and to guarantee accountability. A business intelligence system can be integrated into the internal reporting system to fine-tune the analysis further. Depending on the extent to which they have been authorised by their company, users can play a part in the process, by adding and analysing information required for their particular role.

Each employee record contains over 350 items, which can be customised by the company.

Distinctive features of Praxi4People 2.0

Language and context. Designed by Praxi Human Resources and Training and Development consultants, it takes account of how HR managers think and work, placing technology is at the service of HR rather than the other way round.

Modular. The modular structure allows companies to use exactly what they need, when they need it, so that development is perfectly aligned with changing requirements.

Easy. User-friendly and intuitive, it can be learned in a matter of hours, maximising its potential.

Accessible via internet, so the information is available to authorised users wherever they are.

Multilanguage. Masks are displayed in the language selected by the user, with future international expansion in mind.

Efficient. It is sufficient to enter data once only, for all the management procedures. The system is linked to existing databases (e.g. the staff administration system), so there is no need for manual uploading of data available. Updates are automatic, at intervals selected by the company.

Customisable. The whole system can easily be adapted to the company’s languages, processes and methods, and authorised users can customise the interfaces directly.

Secure. Password-protected for maximum security and compliance with data protection laws, the system has an automatic back-up procedure for files to safeguard against data loss.

In Praxi4People, all data can be logged. It is up to authorised users to decide which data to store on record, setting the system accordingly.

Praxi4People 2.0 also offers a number of useful operating functions. The home page, for instance, has a dashboard displaying the user’s administrative deadlines, with an alert system for related activities (trial periods, medical appointments, licenses, passports, process phases to be completed, course dates, etc.).

The system can be sold with unlimited licenses for the modules selected and installed on the client’s server or stored on PRAXI’s server farm. Clients can also use the system in cloud mode (software as a service) for the period established in the contract, at the end of which the data will be provided on a digital support.

Praxi4People 2.0 has also frequently been used as a temporary support for particularly complex HRD projects (skills mapping, assessments, complex training projects, development centres, etc.).