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Praxi Alliance

Praxi Executive guarantees Clients a partnership based on on-going cooperation, rooted in shared values such as quality, trust and confidentiality. What we do affects not only our Client companies, but also the lives and careers of the people who work in them; our Code of Ethics reflects and represents this responsibility, providing a framework for our professional relationship with all the players involved.

We place the accent on the training and development of our human resources, ensuring methods and technologies are updated constantly so as to guarantee a swift response to Client’s needs.

PRAXI is an entirely independent company, so our sole aim is to give our Clients exactly what they need.

Praxi Executive works hand in hand with Praxi Alliance to guarantee operations worldwide.

Praxi Alliance

Praxi Alliance Ltd supports its Clients in the development and the achievement of strategies to empower their Human Capital by offering, worldwide, Executive Search and HR consulting through a network of specialized companies.

With the use of innovative tools, sharing of ideas and deep respect of a strict code of ethics, Praxi Alliance collaborates with Companies and Institutions that require a partner which is descreet, reliable, in step with the speed of today business, and can ensure each Client a competent interlocutor which is ready to listen to its needs, anywhere in the world.

Praxi Alliance

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