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Diversified skills, synergies and a partnership spirit: how to improve corporate governance

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Society and the institutions are changing all the time, as are technology and international dynamics. For businesses, this requires a closer eye than ever on organisation, in terms of both strategy and operations. PRAXI supports clients in improving these aspects by redesigning processes, scheduling and monitoring company targets and calculating risks.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Lean thinking, lean working, lean production

Introducing Lean Thinking into a business means not only pursuing economic and performance targets, but also engaging people and helping them make progress, so that each member, at all levels, feels an active part of the change process. A lean transformation project means focusing on people and creating an environment conducive to developing individual responsibility, awareness, commitment and a proactive approach.

A clear idea of the methods, typical tools and philosophy of Lean Thinking is therefore required to define and communicate objectives, and to facilitate and promote teamwork effectively, so the company can be turned into an organisation able to learn independently.

For these reasons – and because lean thinking is essentially founded on knowledge – this production and management model also has an impact on the fabric of the managerial culture, requiring those changes in behaviour and language that are part of the transformation gradually taking hold also in Italy and that may be laying the foundations for a new industrial renaissance.

PRAXI has successfully guided numerous projects in businesses and organisations of all sizes, and has the necessary skills to help companies in both the manufacturing and service industries, as well as banks and insurance companies, to develop lean projects.

The services we offer range from consulting (analysis, identification of improvement targets, definition of Lean project content) to coaching (assisting management with implementation), as well as training of all the staff involved in the project at various levels, monitoring of results and subsequent improvement actions.

Training for staff working on Lean projects is eligible for funding from the main Inter-Professional Funds.

Extraordinary Operations

Extraordinary Operations

PRAXI structure is designed to provide groups, companies and private individuals with all-round, integrated assistance for the organisation of all kinds of extraordinary activities and problems that may emerge regarding extraordinary operations.


Praxi Sales and Marketing

Put a spring in your business

It takes more than effective management of products, channels and prices to maintain a profitable strategy in the long term. Within an organisation, and vis-à-vis clients, it’s people who make the difference.

This is why our projects are people-focused, in keeping with our core values:

  • engagement: the client plays an active part in developing the most suitable, feasible solution for the objectives set and the company structure in place
  • sharing: client continually acquires the skills and tools necessary to work on independently (learning by doing)
  • growth: guaranteed through the consolidation and development of the individuals involved in the projects, which boosts their ability to cope with the challenges of competition.

Investing in Sales and Marketing people keeps a company’s competitive edge continually sharp, allowing it to:

  • tap into market potential
  • stay flexible, adapting the offer to continually changing demand
  • adapt the corporate communication style to the characteristics of the person on the other side of the table
  • take a proactive, innovative approach to process management, displaying courage and creative thinking
  • lead the field force towards improvement.

Praxi Sales and Marketing develops and delivers carefully targeted consulting and training projects, on the strength of our lengthy experience on the Italian market and constant collaboration on international projects along with our UK affiliate Consalia Ltd (UK and Asia Pacific) and other organisations worldwide.