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Praxi Alliance

PRAXI Alliance specializes in the direct recruitment of Senior and Top-level managers in Italy and worldwide.

A combined expertise in Executive Search and Management Consulting gives us an edge in identifying and recruiting the managers that will drive results. We measure our success on what our placed candidates are able to accomplish after their hire date.

Our international network provides clients with a gateway to talent in the world’s leading economies. No matter the market, we guarantee our clients local expertise and internationally recognized standards and best practices.

PRAXI Recruitment

PRAXI Recruitment

PRAXI Senior Consultants manage the strategic recruitment of Middle Managers, professionals and specialists with a focus on maximizing value for clients in terms of speed and return on investment.

Over the past fifty years, PRAXI has developed an extensive domestic network, making it possible to identify passive candidates for immediate or future evaluation. Each project is carefully tailored using the appropriate tools, during both the scouting and assessment stage. The regular concern for processes and tools allows for their on-going evolution and improvement.

Our primary objective is to learn about the core values and strategic plans of our clients in order to identify the individuals who will make a lasting impact.

HR Consulting

An ongoing commitment to innovation and development is vital for the Human Resources Department if it is to act as an effective partner in the process of change management.

PRAXI has spent many years assisting clients in the definition of people strategies and human resources development in line with their business strategies. The close dialogue we maintain with the client allows us to plan personnel management processes coherent with targets and geared exclusively towards the smooth development of employee skills.



Training gives a boost to company organisation, providing support for change and efficient, effective corporate development. PRAXI is able to integrate its activities smoothly into the company’s vision, helping it achieve its business objectives with an approach to employee development that focuses closely on organisational impact.



PRAXI supports companies by designing and implementing ad hoc HRD processes, paying a great deal of attention to the company’s culture and targets and the solidity of methods proposed.


Success Stories

See in this section some of our most significant projects, often developed in collaboration with Praxi Management Consulting and Praxi Information Technology.
The internal synergy among diversified competences is the distinguishing feature that allows us to offer the best solution for achieving the objectives.