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Due Diligence and Valuations in the Energy sector

PRAXI’s Energy Business Unit is made up of a group of Engineers with high-level expertise in energy, finance, legislation and environment who work in close cooperation with PRAXI experts on economic, financial and IT matters, and is partner of the most important players in the Renewable Energy sector, with services provided on about 1,500 projects for a total of over 3 GW of installed power. Independent experts from investment funds, specialised in renewable energy, complete the team of PRAXI professionals.

Our Clients include:

Investment Funds
Credit Institutes
Leasing Companies
Private Investors
Industrial and Commercial Companies
Public Administrations
O&M Contractors.

Credit Institutes: Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank S.p.A. - Intesa SanPaolo Provis S.p.A. - Mediocredito Italiano S.p.A. - UBI Leasing S.p.A. - Unicredit Leasing S.p.A.

Asset Management Companies: KRONOS S.p.A. - POLIS FONDI SGR.p.A. - REAM S.G.R. - SISTAN S.G.R. - Sorgente S.G.R. S.p.A. - Tages Capital SGR S.p.A.

Energy Sector Companies: Acea S.p.A. - A2A S.p.A - E2E S.p.A. - Ellomay Capital - IREN S.p.A. e IREN Rinnovabili S.p.A.

PRAXI has UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification

RINA Certified Management System

Energy Sectors we work in

Renewable Energy:
Traditional photovoltaics
Solar thermodynamics
Concentration Photovoltaics (CPV)

biomass, biogas, biomethane
Wind energy
Hydroelectric energy
Geothermal energy

Cogeneration/Tri-generation and district/long-distance heating networks

Energy Efficiency



  • Independent experts from investment funds specialised in renewable energy
  • Valuation and estimation of Market Value
  • Consulting on NPL (Non-Performing Loans): analyses, valuation, technical advisory, economic and legal, business planning, Due Diligence relative to portfolios of energy plants
  • Business Plans and feasibility analyses
    • Implementation of tailor-made economic/financial plans aimed at verifying the sustainability of projects
    • Validation of the assumption behind Business Plans Examples of some parameters analysed:
      Producibility of the plant – Variation of performance over time – Incentive schemes – Sales methods of energy produced – Analyses of operating costs – Financial needs and potential lines of economic cover – Tax regime
    • Closing report with indication of the main indices (NAV, IRR, DSCR, ADSCR, LLCR)
  • M&A (Mergers & Acquisition) assistance on operations
  • Verification of project financing
  • Technical, administrative and economic consulting
    • The activities carried out by PRAXI, put into effect by using the synergies among its different Divisions and guaranteeing an interdisciplinary approach, and studies the following elements in depth:
      Administrative Situation: location analyses; cadastral analyses; ownership analyses; urbanistic analyses; authorisations analyses: carried out with particular attention to national and regional legislation in force when the plant is fulfilled and the compatibility with the procedure followed; analyses of the connection process; analyses of process of incentives
    • Technical Situation: analyses of components installed; analyses of producibility of the site; analyses of the effective production of the plant; analyses of the performance of the plant
    • Economic/Financial Situation: monitoring of revenue flows; analyses of electric energy price; analyses of plant operating costs; drawing up of an economic/financial plan of the operation aimed at highlighting the main indices (NAV, IRR, DSCR, ADSCR, LLCR)
    • Contract Management: EPC contract analyses; O&M contract analyses; insurance policy analyses; supply contract analyses in case of bioenergies; structural checks
  • Site Visit
    • checks of the plant maintenance condition; check of the Performance Ratio (in the case of photovoltaic plants); availability check; performance check; check of the execution of O&M contractor activities; check of the monitoring systems; check of the correct calibration of the radiation detection systems
  • Independent Technical Consulting
  • Asset Management Services
    • check of plant performance; check of the variation of the technical input parameters behind the Business Plan; analyses of the monitoring system; check of the maintenance condition of the plant; check of the Performance Ratio (in the case of photovoltaic plants); availability check; performance check; check of the execution of O&M contractor activities; check of the monitoring systems; check of the correct calibration of the radiation detection systems; health & safety
  • Check of documents for GSE (Energy Supervisory Services) control
  • Estimation relative to insurance values
  • Instrumental check on photovoltaic energy plants
    • Electric measurement of on-load/off-load voltages; electric measurement of current under load; electric measurement on part of plant in alternating current; check of functioning of inverter and control apparatus; measurement of Performance Ratio in power and energy; thermographic analyses in accordance with UNI EN 473 (in analyses with thermal camera of components at risk of overheating; measurement of isolation of PV field; electroluminescence and fluorescence tests , Test di elettroluminescenza e fluorescenza
  • Search for defects on photovoltaic plants
    • Identification of defects in photovoltaic modules, also hidden defects not visible to the naked eye, in the laboratory or directly on-field, through the most modern electroluminescence and fluorescence tests
  • Instrumental laboratory tests on photovoltaic plants
    • Tests of performance and integrity on crystalline photovoltaic modules according to CEI EN 61215
    • Tests of performance and integrity on thin-film photovoltaic modules according to CEI EN 61646
    • Tests of performance and integrity on concentration photovoltaic modules (CPV) according to CEI EN 62108
    • Electroluminescence tests
  • Checks on biogas plants
  • Checks on wind energy plants


  • Energy diagnoses in conformity with UNI CEI 11339:2009 regulation
  • Energy audit: in-depth and continuous analyses of the energy system
  • Assistance with ISO 50001 certification
  • Personalised energy management services, including assistance to the Energy Manager inside the company
  • Analyses of energy supply and transfer contracts
  • Analyses of contracts for third-party financing (FTT)
  • Technical-economic and feasibility analyses of energy efficient operations and risk evaluation
  • Technical-administrative Due Diligence
  • Monitoring independent of consumption
  • Certification of savings

Certificated personnel

PRAXI has a team of qualified and certified Professionals, such as:

Energy Management Experts (EGE) in conformity with UNI CEI 11339:2009
PEI and PES operators for work under voltage
Certificated operators for work at height